A T-shirt, Mugs etc with your own designs or ideas is a very good gift for people your love, including yourself. Now we partner with Zazzle to offer you various gifts. You can apply designs your generated, either texts or symbols, on various customized gifts and then Zazzle will make and ship your gifts in 24 hours.

Here is a tutorial on how to apply a text or symbol graphic design  you generated at Fontmeme on various products like T shirts,mugs etc.Suppose that you are now interested to have some gifts with Mahjong tile designs. Here we go.


1 So now we are on the page of Mahjong tiles. You will see the interface of Mahjong  tile generator.

2 Select a Mahjong tile name from the big box. We now choose “Honor Tile – North”.

3 Enter any size,  it will not affect your resolution or size, you can adjust it later.

4 Pick a color you like, we choose  # 000000 or Black.

5 Hit “Generate” button.

6 The image then showing  is what you are going to apply on gifts. If you do not like it, pick another one or  color and do it again.

7 When you finally satisfied, hit button. Then a new page will be opened showing you various gifts with your design on them.


So you just created various gifts with your favorite design. Now you may not like the color of products, or you need to tune the size or position of a design. It’s easy! we are going to show you how to customize a shirt.

1 Click on the shirt and then you are directed to a new page.

2 Click the Customize it button at the bottom of picture if you want to make changes to the design. Now with the “Customize It” panel you can make changes to:

  • Size of Design: Enlarge or decrease by hitting  plus and minus buttons
  • Position of Design: Adjusting position by hitting arrow buttons.
  • Adding extra images/texts: Click on “Add Images” or “Add Texts” button.

3 So now you have made everything look awesome. Don’t  forget to choose  your favorite color and styles for your gift.

4 Hit the “Choose Your Color and Style” below the “Customize It! ” panel and pick your favorites. Here is the customized shirt we have finally made. A burnout style shirt in vintage white with the original design resized and repositioned. Also, a descriptive text “North” added below.

5 Add to Cart and make the payments and wait for surprises. Now would you like to have a try?