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About Thai Font

Thai is the language spoken mainly in Thailand. Thai has about 26 millions speakers. Standard Thai or Central Thai is the official language of Thailand.

Thai writing system uses Thai script to write Thai language. It is widely believed that the Thai script was first created by King Ramkhamhaeng the Great in 1283.  There are 44 consonants and 28 vowel forms combined by 15 vowel symbol, 4 tone marks in modern Thai. Thai language is heavily influenced by its neighbours and a lot of words are borrowed from Pali, Sanskrit and old Khmer. Also, Thais is mutually intelligible with Lao language. Thai scrip can also be used to write Sanskrit, Pali and other related languages.The Unicode range assigned for Thai is U+0E00–U+0E7.

Below is a collection of fonts for Thai. You can use them to generate designs for a variety of purposes. In our Thai Font Generator below, you can enter Thai directly or copy from other sources and paste below.  For example, Hello in Thai:สวัสดี ,which is pronounced as sà-wàt-dee.

There are many websites where you can download Free Thai Font but if you are looking for Thai Font that are of high quality, have a look at Thai Font on If you don’t want the hassle of downloading and installing fonts but just need simple designs in Thai Font. Check the tool below.

Generate Designs with Thai Font

Below is a collection of Thai Font. You can use the following tool to generate text designs based on your selection of colors, sizes using Thai Font in seconds. To download the image you generated, click on the arrow button to the right.