2016 US Presidential Campaign Fonts

About 2016 US Presidential Campaign Fonts

This post will take a look at the fonts used in the 2016 US presidential campaigns of main candidates.


Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo designed by Michael Bierut of Pentagram features a geometric sans serif named Sharp Sans.

Sharp Sans is Lucas Sharp’s interpretation of combined humanism and geometry. The typeface combines the appealing typographic compensation of the grotesque, with the plump circular bowls of the geometric.


Bernie Sanders’ campaign logo features a slightly modified Jubilat, a slab serif produced by the Darden Studio.

Jubilat is a multi-weight (11 weights with matching italics) slab serif with generous curves and efficient spacing in both dimensions. Its large lowercase and high contrast make it suitable for headlines, decks, and sidebars.


Donald Trump’s campaign logo has two fonts used: Akzidenz Grotesk Bold Extended for “TRUMP” and FF Meta Bold for the slogan text, Make America Great Again!

ted cruz logo font

Ted Cruz’s campaign logo features a modified text serif named Electra.

Electra is W.A. Dwiggins’ personal version of the Transitional roman, designed in 1935 for C.H. Griffith. The typeface has been a standard book typeface since its release because of its evenness of design and high legibility.


The campaign logo of John Kasich is set in Neuzeit S Book Heavy, a geometric-grotesque hybrid design originally drawn by C.W. Pischiner for the Stempel foundry in 1928. The typeface generally has a narrow and condensed look but its round shape characters tend to be wide and circular.

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