Famous Logos Created with Frutiger Font

In the 1970s, the newly built Charles de Gaulle Airport at Roissy in France needed a new directional sign system. The Swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger was commissioned to work on that and the result is the Roissy typeface. Impressed by the quality of the Roissy airport signage, the typographical director of the Mergenthaler Linotype Company approached Frutiger in 1974 to turn it into a typeface for print, which is now we know as Frutiger, one of the best typefaces by Adrian Frutiger.

Frutiger is a humanist sans-serif typeface, intended to be clear and highly legible at a distance or at small text sizes. Below is a collection of example usages of Frutiger in corporate branding and logos.

Logo Name Font Name
american airlines Logo American Airlines Frutiger Roman
american eagle 2013 Logo American Eagle (2013) Frutiger Roman
banca intesa Logo Banca Intesa Frutiger Bold
batteries plus bulbs Logo Batteries Plus Bulbs Frutiger Bold Condensed
brazilian football confederation Logo Brazilian Football Confederation Frutiger Black
csl Logo CSL Frutiger Black Condensed
deutsche post Logo Deutsche Post Frutiger 57 Condensed
dz bank Logo DZ Bank Frutiger Bold
emirates nbd Logo Emirates NBD Frutiger Bold
enel Logo Enel Frutiger Bold Italic
ericsson Logo Ericsson Frutiger Black
flickr Logo Flickr Frutiger Black
international power Logo International Power Frutiger Bold
lafarge Logo Lafarge Frutiger UltraBlack
panda express Logo Panda Express Frutiger Cond Bold
radioshack 1995 Logo RadioShack (1995) Frutiger Black
radioshack 2013 Logo RadioShack (2013) Frutiger Black
safi airways Logo Safi Airways Frutiger Italic
state farm insurance Logo State Farm Insurance Frutiger Bold Italic
sysco Logo Sysco Frutiger 75 Black
td bank Logo TD Bank Frutiger UltraBlack
teck resources Logo Teck Resources Frutiger Bold
ticona Logo Ticona Frutiger Com 65 Bold
transcanada Logo TransCanada Frutiger Black
trusted choice Logo Trusted Choice Frutiger Black
xstrata Logo Xstrata Frutiger 45 Light