Hot New Fonts of April 2014

This is a list of top 50 selling new fonts from all of in April, 2014

01. Quickpen      Foundry: Trial by Cupcakes

02. Mariné      Foundry:  TipoType

03. Darwin      Foundry:  Los Andes

04. Ropa Sans Pro      Foundry: lettersoup

05. Ciao Bella      Foundry:  Cultivated Mind

06. Bommer Slab       Foundry:  dooType

07. Adorn       Foundry:  Laura Worthington

08. Risotto Script       Foundry:  Calderón Estudio Type Foundry

09. Zona Pro       Foundry:  Intelligent Design

10. Adria Slab™       Foundry:  FaceType

11. Lasiver        Foundry:   Type Dynamic

12. King Bloser       Foundry:  Misprinted Type

13. DSari        Foundry:   Latinotype

14. Amorie       Foundry:  Kimmy Design

15. Heroe       Foundry:   Lián Types

16. Newslab       Foundry:   Latinotype

17. Naive Inline Sans      Foundry:  La Goupil

18. Journal Sans New      Foundry:  ParaType

19. Café Brasil       Foundry: Sofia Mohr

20. Bookeyed Martin™      Foundry:  Tart Workshop

21. Gardeny      Foundry:  Eurotypo

22. Feast       Foundry:  Great Lakes Lettering

23. Appetite Rounded      Foundry:  Dzianis Serabrakou

24. Proza      Foundry:  Bureau Roffa

25. Dual      Foundry:  CDType

26. Briller       Foundry:  Kostic

27. Saya SemiSans FY       Foundry:  Fontyou

28.  Wonderhand    Foundry:  Martina Flor

29. Cabrito Sans™       Foundry:  insigne

30. Superb       Foundry:  Resistenza

31. Encorpada Essential       Foundry:  dooType

32. Silo       Foundry: TypeUnion

33. Laski Slab     Foundry:  Re-Type

34. Arbordale™      Foundry: Aerotype

35. Briko       Foundry: Nine Font

36. Ironstrike™       Foundry:  Dunwich Type Founders

37. Wild Pen™       Foundry:  Corradine Fonts

38. Crop™       Foundry:  Thinkdust

39. MB Vinatage       Foundry:  M-B Creative

40. Luxus Brut Sparkling™      Foundry:  Phospho

41. Range Sans™       Foundry:  Schizotype

42. Burlingame™       Foundry:  Monotype

43. Kikster       Foundry: La Boîte Graphique

44. Alfina      Foundry: Eurotypo

45. Enyo       Foundry:   Antipixel

46.  Ample    Foundry:  Soneri Type

47. Elysio        Foundry:  Type Dynamic

48. Astounder Squared BB      Foundry:  Blambot

49. Armature Neue Sans      Foundry: fontBoy

50. P22 Wedge™      Foundry: IHOF