Hot New Fonts of December 2013

This is a list of top 50 selling new fonts from all of in December 2013.

01. Cabrito          Foundry: insigne               Category: Serif, Rounded

02. Bridone         Foundry: Tipo Pèpel        Category: Serif, Didone

03. Nauman         Foundry:   The Northern Block        Category: Sans, Humanist Sans

04. Arquitecta         Foundry: Latinotype                Category: Sans, Humanist Sans

05. Pancetta Serif Pro         Foundry: Mint Type                Category:Slab Serif, Square

06. Equip Slab         Foundry:Hoftype               Category: Slab Serif, Geometric

07. Tulipán         Foundry:  Calderón Estudio               Category: Script, Brush

08. Gluten         Foundry:  Andinistas                Category: Display, Handwriting

09. Archivio         Foundry:  Resistenza              Category: Sans, Geometric

10. Pieta         Foundry:  Type Dynamic     Category: Sans, Modern

11. Larsseit         Foundry: Type Dynamic               Category: Sans, Grotesque Sans


12. Roble         Foundry:   Latinotype      Category: Slab Serif

13. The Serif Hand         Foundry:  La Goupil              Category: Serif, Handwritten


14. Pilcrow Soft         Foundry: Indian Type Foundry               Category: Sans, Rounded

15. The Carpenter         Foundry: Fenotype              Category: Script, Hand Drawn

16. Grota Rounded         Foundry:  Latinotype     Category: Sans, Rounded

17. Mayonez         Foundry:    Sardiez       Category: Serif, Rounded

18. Predige         Foundry: Type Dynamic               Category: Sans

19. Estandar         Foundry:   Latinotype   Category: Sans, Vintage

20. Politica         Foundry:   Sudtipos    Category: Sans, Grotesque Sans

21. Brandon Printed         Foundry:  HVD Fonts             Category: Display, Sans

22. Louize         Foundry:  Nonpareille    Category: Serif, Old Style

23. Benson Script         Foundry:  Kyle Wayne Benson              Category: Script, Vintage

24. Sigmund Freud Typeface         Foundry: Harald Geisler         Category: Script

25. Gist         Foundry:  Yellow Design Studio              Category: Slab Serif, Inline

26. Ganache         Foundry:  Laura Worthington               Category: Script, Rounded

27. Lumier         Foundry:   Tour De Force   Category: Sans, Art Deco

28. Posterizer KG Rough         Foundry:  Posterizer KG              Category: Slab Serif, Vintage

29. Gubia         Foundry:  Graviton               Category: Sans, Futuristic

30. Yapa         Foundry: TipoType                Category: Display, Sans

31. Pilcrow         Foundry: Indian Type Foundry               Category: Sans, Square

32. Geometria         Foundry:  Brownfox              Category: Sans, Geometric

33. XXII Yonia         Foundry:  Doubletwo Studios    Category: Script, Brush

34. Dignus         Foundry: Eurotypo               Category: Grotesque Sans, Square

35. Aria Text         Foundry: Fountain               Category: Serif

36. Institut         Foundry:  Brownfox               Category: Display, Sans

37. Borden         Foundry:  La Boîte Graphique              Category: Handwritten, Rounded

38. Colon         Foundry:  TipografiaRamis              Category: Slab Serif, Geometric

39. FF Chartwell         Foundry:  FontFont   Category: Sans, Grotesque Sans

40. Primot         Foundry: Plau               Category: Script, Vintage

41. Monmica         Foundry:  Aga Silva              Category: Calligraphic

42. Roihu         Foundry:  Mika Melvas              Category: Sans

43. Periplus         Foundry: PintassilgoPrints               Category: Decorative, Serif

44. Line         Foundry:  Letters from Sweden              Category: Script

45. Jack FY         Foundry:  Fontyou              Category: Display, Vintage

46. Spacelord         Foundry:   Die Typonauten              Category: Vintage, Serif

47. Foros         Foundry: ParaType               Category: Sans, Humanist Sans

48. Cordale Arabic         Foundry: Dalton Maag               Category: Serif, Non Latin

49. Botanical Scribe      Foundry: Three Islands Press          Category: Handwriting, Cursive

50. Daphne Script         Foundry:  Ludwig Type              Category: Script