Hot New Fonts of February 2014

This is a list of top 50 selling new fonts from all of in February 2014.

01.  Glober     Foundry: Fontfabric      Category: Sans, Grotesque Sans

02. Industry Inc     Foundry: Hold Fast Foundry      Category: Sans, Square Sans

03. Showcase     Foundry: Latinotype    Category: Script, Handwritting

04.  Campton    Foundry: Rene Bieder    Category: Sans, Geometric Sans

05.  Ainslie      Foundry: insigne     Category: Semi-Serif, Rounded

06.  Pacific Northwest Letters     Foundry: Cultivated Mind     Category: Retro, Handwritting

07.  Acrom     Foundry: The Northern Block   Category: Sans, Geometric Sans

08.  Manus     Foundry: JOEBOB graphics     Category: Script, Brush

09. Sisco     Foundry: Tipo Pèpel     Category: Sans, Square Sans

10. Revisal      Foundry: Type Dynamic     Category: Sans, Humanist Sans

11.  Celias       Foundry: Type Dynamic     Category: Sans, Geometric Sans

12. Minimo      Foundry: Ahmet Altun     Category: Geometric, Rounded

13. Rleud       Foundry: Stawix    Category: Sans, Grotesque Sans

14. P22 Marcel      Foundry: P22   Category: Script, Handwritting

15. LiebeDoris       Foundry: LiebeFonts    Category: Script, Brush

16. Core Magic      Foundry: S-Core     Category: Display, Layered

17. Lichtspiele     Foundry: Typocalypse    Category: Display, Vintage

18. Belluccia Bold   Foundry: Correspondence Ink     Category: Calligraphic

19. Gloriola       Foundry: Suitcase Type Foundry      Category: Sans, Grotesque Sans

20. Rufina     Foundry: TipoType     Category: Serif

21.  Crique Grotesk    Foundry: Stawix     Category: Sans, Grotesque Sans

22.  Australis Pro Swash     Foundry: Latinotype     Category:  Display, Calligraphic

23.  Ride my Bike Serif    Foundry: Latinotype      Category: Display, Handwritting

24.  MB Picture House    Foundry: M-B Creative     Category: Sans, Geometric Sans

25.  Streetscript Redux    Foundry: Schizotype     Category: Script

26. Bandera      Foundry: AndrijType     Category: Slab Serif

27. Jabana      Foundry: Nils Types     Category: Display, Handwritting

28. Courtesy Script Pro     Foundry: Sudtipos     Category: Script, Calligraphic

29. PF Bague Sans Pro     Foundry: Parachute     Category: Sans, Humanist Sans

30. Festivo LC      Foundry: Ahmet Altun      Category: Sans, Handwritting

31. Bouquet      Foundry: Dzianis Serabrakou      Category: Script, Brush

32. Sparhawk      Foundry: Albatross     Category: Handwritting, Layered

33. Morebi Rounded     Foundry: GT&CANARY      Category: Sans, Rounded

34.  Shentox     Foundry: Emtype Foundry      Category:  Sans, Square Sans

35. Modern Brush      Foundry: Street Type     Category: Display, Brush

36.  In And Out     Foundry: Fenotype    Category: Script, Brush

37.  Dream Script      Foundry: Lián Types     Category: Script, Calligraphic

38.  Samui Script     Foundry: Schizotype     Category: Script, Handwritting

39.  Lust Slim      Foundry: Positype     Category: Serif, Didone

40.  Bandera Text     Foundry: AndrijType     Category: Serif

41. CA Recape      Foundry: Cape-Arcona     Category: Script, Handwritting

42. La Chic      Foundry: Cultivated Mind     Category: Serif, Handwritting

43. Sauber Script      Foundry: Typejockeys      Category: Script, Brush

44. Daft Brush     Foundry: PintassilgoPrints      Category: Display, Brush

45.  Terrorista     Foundry: Just in Type     Category: Sans, Grotesque

46. Metronic Slab Narrow      Foundry: Mostardesign     Category: Slab Serif

47.  Ritts Cursive       Foundry: Eurotypo      Category: Script, Handwritting

48. Signo      Foundry: Rui Abreu     Category: Sans

49. Cantiga      Foundry: isaco     Category: Sans

50. Lean-O Sans FY     Foundry: Fontyou      Category: Sans