Hot New Fonts of January 2014

This is a list of top 50 selling new fonts from all of in January 2014.

01. Brandon Printed      Foundry:  HVD Fonts      Category: Sans, Eroded

02. Arquitecta      Foundry: Latinotype      Category: Sans, Humanist Sans

03. The Carpenter      Foundry: Fenotype     Category: Script, Handdrawn

04. Industry Inc      Foundry: Hold Fast Foundry     Category: Sans, Square

05. Glober       Foundry: Fontfabric     Category: Sans, Grotesque

06. Gist       Foundry: Yellow Design Studio     Category: Slab Serif, Inline

07. Pilcrow Soft       Foundry: Indian Type Foundry     Category: Sans, Rounded

08. Castor       Foundry: Albatross     Category: Sans, Woodtype

09. Predige       Foundry:  Type Dynamic    Category: Sans

10. Ganache       Foundry:  Laura Worthington    Category: Script, Rounded

11. Gubia        Foundry: Graviton     Category: Sans, Futuristic

12. Roihu       Foundry: Mika Melvas     Category: Sans

13. Sinffonia       Foundry: Corradine Fonts    Category: Serif, Ornamental

14. Port Vintage       Foundry: Onrepeat     Category: Display, Vintage

15. Benson Script        Foundry: Kyle Wayne Benson     Category: Script, Vintage

16. Acrom       Foundry: The Northern Block     Category: Sans, Geometric

17. Revisal      Foundry:  Type Dynamic    Category: Sans, Humanist Sans

18. Manus      Foundry: JOEBOB graphics     Category: Script, Brush

19. Sisco      Foundry:  Tipo Pèpel     Category: Sans, Square

20. Museo Sans Display      Foundry: exljbris      Category: Sans, Display

21. Belluccia Bold      Foundry: Correspondence Ink    Category: Calligraphic

22. Two Fingers       Foundry: Resistenza     Category: Cartoon, Handwritten

23. Booster Next FY      Foundry: Fontyou     Category: Sans, Rounded

24. Logotype Frenzy      Foundry: Decade Typefoundry     Category: Script, Brush

25. Pilcrow     Foundry: Indian Type Foundry    Category: Sans, Square

26. Schwager Sans       Foundry: Latinotype     Category: Sans, Square

27. Clear Sans Text      Foundry: Positype    Category: Sans, Geometric Sans

28. Periplus     Foundry:  PintassilgoPrints    Category: Decorative, Serif

29. Qiber      Foundry: The Northern Block    Category: Display, Handwritten

30. Altus      Foundry: Albatross     Category: Sans, Handwritten

31. Ainslie      Foundry: insigne     Category: Semi Serif, Rounded

32. Australis Pro Swash       Foundry: Latinotype     Category: Display, Calligraphic

33. LAKESTER      Foundry: Decade Typefoundry     Category: Vintage, Western

34. Bardot      Foundry: Meat Studio     Category: Display

35. Aviano Gothic       Foundry: insigne     Category: Sans, Art Deco

36. Vanille FY      Foundry: Fontyou     Category: Script, Handwritten

37. Cocktail Sauce      Foundry: Sideshow     Category: Script, Handwritten

38. Primot      Foundry: Plau     Category: Script, Vintage

39. Andria      Foundry: Eurotypo    Category: Script, Handwritten

40. Lichtspiele      Foundry: Typocalypse    Category: Display, Vintage

41. Monmica      Foundry: Aga Silva     Category: Calligraphic

42. Notera       Foundry:  Måns Grebäck     Category: Script, Handwritten

43. Kandel 205       Foundry: Talbot Type     Category: Display, Inline

44. Nomada     Foundry: Tipografies      Category: Sans

45. Donki       Foundry: Gunnar Link     Category: Display, Brush

46. Ride my Bike Serif       Foundry: Latinotype     Category: Serif, Handwritten

47. Kandel 105       Foundry: Talbot Type     Category: Display, Inline

48. Meritage      Foundry: Aerotype     Category: Script, Calligraphic

49. Clear Sans Screen       Foundry: Positype     Category: Sans, Geometirc

50. Tuesnight      Foundry: PintassilgoPrints     Category: Handwritten, Retro