Hot New Fonts of July 2014

This is a list of top 50 selling new fonts from all of in July, 2014.

01. True North      Foundry: Cultivated Mind

02. Brix Sans™      Foundry: HVD Fonts

03. Voltage      Foundry: Laura Worthington

04. Servus Slab       Foundry: Dada Studio

05. Horizontes Script       Foundry: Sudtipos

06. Loew™      Foundry: The Northern Block Ltd

07. MB Empire       Foundry:  M-B Creative

08. Adagio Sans       Foundry:  Borutta

09. Sailec       Foundry: Type Dynamic

10. Adagio Serif       Foundry:  Borutta

11.  Grota Sans       Foundry:  Latinotype

12.  Garden     Foundry:  Los Andes

13.  Atletico      Foundry:  Stereotypes

14.  Adagio Slab      Foundry:  Borutta

15.  Kleide        Foundry: Nootype

16. Innervers Gothic      Foundry:  Svetlana Usljebrka

17.  Core Sans D     Foundry:  S-Core

18.  Accura     Foundry:  dooType

19.  Peperoncino Sans      Foundry:  Resistenza

20.  Lichtspielhaus Handmade     Foundry: Typocalypse

21.  Dalle™     Foundry:  Stawix

22.  Chimphand     Foundry:  One Fonty Day

23.  Milio     Foundry:  Tipo Pèpel

24.  Montague Script Bold     Foundry:  Stephen Rapp

25.  Civolis     Foundry:  Furiosum

26.  Unpack     Foundry:  PintassilgoPrints

27.  Catbird      Foundry:  Atlantic Fonts

28.  Powder Script     Foundry:  Fenotype

29.  Tolyer      Foundry:  Typesketchbook

30.  Genica Pro      Foundry:  Ndiscovered

31.  Cintra™      Foundry:  Graviton

32.  Finalist Round Slab       Foundry:  Bülent Yüksel

33.  Belleville FY     Foundry:  Fontyou

34.  Compass Next     Foundry:  TipografiaRamis

35.  Mandinor FY      Foundry:  Fontyou

36.  Renovatio Deco®       Foundry:  Type Innovations

37.  Toppo      Foundry:  Błażej Ostoja Lniski

38.  Lulo      Foundry:  Yellow Design Studio

39.  Acryle Script      Foundry:  Aring Typeface AB

40.  Dimor      Foundry:  Nine Font

41.  Zilvertype Pro    Foundry:  Canada Type

42.  PiS Malefiz      Foundry:  PiS

43.  MB Narrow     Foundry:  M-B Creative

44.  Cintra Slab™    Foundry:  Graviton

45.  Forest Cursive      Foundry:  Okaycat

46.  Monoline Rounded JNL      Foundry:  Jeff Levine

47.  Beauty Script™       Foundry:  Corradine Fonts

48.  Compass St      Foundry:  TipografiaRamis

49.  Adagio Sans Script      Foundry:  Borutta

50.  Kowalski     Foundry:  GRIN3 (Nowak)