Hot New Fonts of March 2014

This is a list of top 50 selling new fonts from all of in March, 2014.

01.  Showcase    Foundry: Latinotype

02.  Crique Grotesk    Foundry: Stawix

03.  Microbrew   Foundry: Albatross

04.  Festivo LC    Foundry: Ahmet Altun

05.  Pinto™     Foundry:  FaceType

06.  Gist Rough      Foundry: Yellow Design Studio

07.  La Chic      Foundry: Cultivated Mind

08.  Courtesy Script Pro      Foundry: Sudtipos

09.  In And Out     Foundry: Fenotype

10.  Daft Brush     Foundry: PintassilgoPrints

11.   Predige Rounded      Foundry: Type Dynamic

12.   D.I.Y. Time     Foundry: Latinotype

13.  Modum       Foundry: The Northern Block Ltd

14. Dream Script      Foundry: Lián Types

15.  Core Deco       Foundry: S-Core

16.  Anglecia Pro      Foundry: Mint Type

17.  Ropa Sans Pro     Foundry: lettersoup

18.  Quickpen     Foundry: Trial by Cupcakes

19.  Mariné     Foundry: TipoType

20.  Kapra     Foundry: Błażej Ostoja Lniski

21.  Ciao Bella     Foundry: Cultivated Mind

22. Acustica      Foundry: Andinistas

23. Sarine     Foundry: Type Dynamic

24. Bommer Slab     Foundry: dooType

25. Korb    Foundry: JCFonts

26. Zona Pro      Foundry: Intelligent Design

27. Samui Script      Foundry: Schizotype

28. Duvall     Foundry: John Moore Type Foundry

29. Haneda     Foundry: Indie Type

30. Rein Grotesk       Foundry: The Northern Block Ltd

31.  Aspira     Foundry: Durotype

32.  Risotto Script      Foundry:  Calderón Estudio Type Foundry

33.  Maritime Champion     Foundry: Kyle Wayne Benson

34.  Proza    Foundry: Bureau Roffa

35. Helsing      Foundry: Great Lakes Lettering

36. Bobbin      Foundry: Błażej Ostoja Lniski

37. Cabrito Inverto      Foundry: insigne

38. Burlingame      Foundry: Monotype

39. Sofia Pro Soft      Foundry: Mostardesign

40. Nokio      Foundry: TypeUnion

41. Briller      Foundry: Kostic

42. Wonderhand      Foundry: Martina Flor

43.  Pony    Foundry: RodrigoTypo

44.  Luzern     Foundry: Absolut Foundry

45.  Malina™      Foundry: Katatrad

46.  Coco FY      Foundry: Fontyou

47.  Bookeyed Martin      Foundry: Tart Workshop

48.  Workaday     Foundry: Yes Please

49. Jasmina FY      Foundry:  Fontyou

50. Strange Alphabets     Foundry: Typodermic