Hot New Fonts of May 2014

This is a list of top 50 selling new fonts from all of in May, 2014.

01. Adorn      Foundry: Laura Worthington

02. Heroe     Foundry: Lián Types

03. Eveleth      Foundry: Yellow Design Studio

04. Newslab      Foundry: Latinotype

05. XXII YeahScript       Foundry: Doubletwo Studios

06. Libertad       Foundry: TipoType

07. Elysio       Foundry: Type Dynamic

08.  Ample       Foundry: Soneri Type

09.  Feast       Foundry: Great Lakes Lettering

10. Urban Grotesk       Foundry: Suitcase Type Foundry

11. Briko        Foundry: Nine Font

12. Woolen       Foundry: Magpie Paper Works

13. Choplin       Foundry: Rene Bieder

14. Flirt Script       Foundry: Positype

15. Wild Pen       Foundry: Corradine Fonts

16. Silo       Foundry: TypeUnion

17. Nanami Handmade      Foundry: Thinkdust

18. Core Rhino      Foundry: S-Core

19. Clasica      Foundry: Latinotype

20. Proba Pro      Foundry: Mint Type

21.  Suarez     Foundry:  GRIN3 (Nowak)

22. Kansas Casual      Foundry: Kyle Wayne Benson

23. Alfina     Foundry: Eurotypo

24. Luxus Brut Sparkling     Foundry: phospho

25.  Abelina      Foundry: Sudtipos

26.  Mangerica     Foundry: Ndiscovered

27. Blueshift      Foundry: PintassilgoPrints

28. Ringo     Foundry: typoland

29. Lichtspielhaus     Foundry: Typocalypse

30. Sherlock Script      Foundry: Wiescher Design

31. Campan      Foundry: Hoftype

32. Carmen     Foundry: Typerepublic

33. Core Sans A      Foundry: S-Core

34. Karol Sans     Foundry: Type-Ø-Tones

35. Chercher      Foundry: Stawix

36. Azola Cursive      Foundry: Okaycat

37. Wes FY      Foundry: Fontyou

38. Rustick      Foundry: Thinkdust

39. Tautz      Foundry: The Northern Block Ltd

40. Suzee FY      Foundry: Fontyou

41. Rukola      Foundry: Nikola Giacintova

42. Abula       Foundry: Typesketchbook

43. Good News Sans      Foundry: Kyle Wayne Benson

44. Bandera Text Cyrillic      Foundry: AndrijType

45. Bitner      Foundry: The Northern Block Ltd

46. Formular      Foundry: Brownfox

47. Quiroga Serif Std       Foundry: TipoType

48. Lexave      Foundry: Haiku Monkey

49. Sperling FY       Foundry: Fontyou

50. Rise And Shine      Foundry: Indie Type