Collection of Tech Fonts

Below is a collection of tech fonts, which are identical or similar to the fonts used in the logos of technology related brands. However, that doesn’t always mean those logos are designed using those fonts.  You can click on the font name to download the font. For more technology and Internet fonts,  you can visit our fonts in use section.

Font Name: DroidLogo      Font License: Free   Brand: Android

Font Name: Helvetica Black Oblique      Font License: Commercial   Brand: Microsoft

Font Name: Men In Blue      Font License: Free   Brand: IBM

Font Name: Ubuntu      Font License: Free   Brand: Ubuntu

Font Name: Neo Tech Alt      Font License: Commercial   Brand: Intel

Font Name: Klavika   Font License:  Commercial    Brand: Facebook

Font Name: Pico Alphabet   Font License:  Free    Brand: Twitter

Font Name: Catull BQ   Font License:  Commercial    Brand: Google

Font Name: Yahoo   Font License:  Free    Brand: Yahoo

Font Name: Myriad Pro SemiBold      Font License: Commercial   Brand: Adobe

Font Name: Gill Sans      Font License: Free   Brand: AMD

Font Name: Univers 93 Extra Black Extended Oblique    License: Commercial     Brand: Motorola

Font Name: Mrs Eaves      Font License: Commercial   Brand: WordPress