Vineyard Wedding Invitation Featuring Pushkin Font

midnight Vineyard Wedding Invitation Featuring Pushkin

Midnight vineyard wedding invitation, good for evening weddings.

Here are the fonts that have been used in the invitation above.

  • Pushkin for the bride & groom line
  • Gill Sans for lines of request, time & date, location

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About Pushkin Font

pushkin-fontPushkin is a handwriting script typeface designed by Russian type designer Gennady Fridman.The typeface is based on the autographs of Alexander Pushkin, the eminent Russian poet (1799-1837). There are several variants of the typeface:

  • Pushkin Script in 2 styles was based on the manuscripts of 1815 and covers Western and Russian character sets.
  • Pushkin One was developed on the basis of thoroughly written documents.
  • Pushkin Two imitates small but nevertheless rather legible hand.
  • Pushkin Three in 2 weights was created on the basis of the autographs distinguished by sprawling hand.
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