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About Harry Potter Font

Harry Potter font here refers to the font used in the Harry Potter novel series. Harry Potter is a novel series written by the British author J. K. Rowling. The book tells the adventure story of young wizard Harry Potter with his friends at witchcraft and wizardry school.

Different fonts were used in the Harry Potter book cover, its chapter title and elsewhere. The lettering used for the cover title is very similar to a typeface called Hocus Pocus, which comes with four styles and each with a complete character set. As for the chapter titles and page numbers, a font called Able by Marcus Burlile resembles their lettering. For the handwriting of Rubeus Hagrid, it resembles Felt Tip Roman by Mark Simonson. All mentioned above are commercial fonts and you can follow the links and purchase them.

But there are free alternatives to them. For cover title, you can use Harry P by Phoenix Phonts instead; For chapter titles, Lumos is also pretty similar and for the Hagrid lettering, a font called Hagrid was created to imitate the lettering. You can follow the links to download them for free. Note that  these free fonts may be not professionally designed or with an incomplete character set, but they are OK for personal projects or fun purposes.

If you do not want to download and install the font but just like to create simple text or logos using Harry Potter Font, just use the text generator below.

Create text-based logos or images with Harry Potter Font

The following tool will convert your entered text into images using Harry Potter Font, and then you can right-click on the image to save it or click on the "EMBED" button to get links to embed images on the web.


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