Les Misérables Font

About Les Misérables Font

Les Misérables font here refers to the font used in the poster title of Les Misérables, which is a 2012 British musical drama movie based on the musical of the same name which is in turn based on the 1862 French novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.

The lettering used for the movie title in the poster resembles a font named Caslon Antique. The font is a commercial one and you can view more details about it here.

Download Caslon Antique Font

The Caslon Antique font identified above is not available for free, please follow the link above and purchase the font. Meanwhile, you can take a look at our collection of fonts for cars, pop music and apparel, some of which are available for free download.

Caslon Antique Typeface in Use

In addition to Les Misérables, Caslon Antique typeface is also used in the following logos, movie posters or album covers etc., including: Shadow of the Colossus, Canyon Trilogy, Vision Thing, Floodland, First and Last and Always, Empire of the Sun, A Simple Noodle Story, Treasure Island, Begin to Hope, The Descendants.