Best Selling Fonts of July 2014

This is a list of top 50 selling fonts from all of in July, 2014.

01. Brandon Grotesque     Foundry: HVD Fonts     Info: Fonts in use

02. Proxima Nova     Foundry: Mark Simonson             Info: Fonts in use

03. True North     Foundry: Cultivated Mind

04. Helvetica® Neue     Foundry: Linotype           Info: Fonts in use

05. Avenir®     Foundry: Linotype             Info: Fonts in use

06. Museo Sans™    Foundry: exljbris

07. Avenir® Next Pro     Foundry: Linotype            Info: Fonts in use

08. Bombshell Pro     Foundry:  Emily Lime

09. DIN Next™     Foundry: Linotype              Info: Fonts in use

10. Sofia Pro     Foundry: Mostardesign

11. Trade Gothic®     Foundry: Linotype                Info: Fonts in use

12. Frutiger®     Foundry: Linotype              Info: Fonts in use

13. Peaches And Cream™     Foundry: Fenotype

14. Brandon Text     Foundry: HVD Fonts

15. Clarendon®     Foundry: Bitstream         Info: Fonts in use

16. Benton Sans®     Foundry: Font Bureau      Info: Fonts in use

17. Brandon Printed     Foundry: HVD Fonts

18. Carolyna Pro Black     Foundry: Emily Lime

19. FF DIN®     Foundry: FontFont              Info: Fonts in use

20. Helvetica® Neue LT Std    Foundry: Adobe                 Info: Fonts in use

21. Interstate®     Foundry: Font Bureau              Info: Fonts in use

22. ITC Avant Garde Gothic®     Foundry: ITC                 Info: Fonts in use

23. Futura®     Foundry: Bitstream              Info: Fonts in use

24. Eveleth     Foundry: Yellow Design Studio

25. Quire Sans™     Foundry: Monotype

26. Univers®     Foundry: Linotype                Info: Fonts in use

27. Jacques & Gilles     Foundry: Emily Lime

28. Hiruko Pro™     Foundry: Thinkdust

29. Trend     Foundry: Latinotype

30. Intro™     Foundry: Fontfabric

31. Museo Slab™     Foundry: exljbris

32. Effra     Foundry: Dalton Maag

33. Adorn     Foundry: Laura Worthington

34. Riga™     Foundry: Ludwig Type

35. Sanelma     Foundry: Mika Melvas

36. Swiss 721™     Foundry: Bitstream            Info: Fonts in use

37. Thirsty Rough    Foundry: Yellow Design Studio

38. AmpleSoft     Foundry: Soneri Type

39. Aire     Foundry: Lián Types

40. Cantoni     Foundry: Debi Sementelli Type Foundry

41. New Century Schoolbook™    Foundry: Adobe             Info: Fonts in use

42. Brix Sans™     Foundry: HVD Fonts

43. Gill Sans®     Foundry: Monotype                Info: Fonts in use

44. Quickpen     Foundry: Trial by Cupcakes

45. Neo Sans®     Foundry: Monotype                     Info: Fonts in use

46. Nexa     Foundry: Fontfabric               Info: Fonts in use

47. Akzidenz-Grotesk® BE     Foundry: Berthold               Info: Fonts in use

48. Century® 725     Foundry: Bitstream

49. PF Din Text®     Foundry: Parachute

50. Futura® PT     Foundry: ParaType              Info: Fonts in use