Comic Fonts

About Comic Fonts

Comics may have been a good companion for many people in their childhood. Except the illustration and storyline in the comic books that attracted us, fonts used in the comic books also make characters and stories more attractive, emotional. Comic fonts are funny fonts usually related to a comic book or children. They usually appear in the creation of a comic book including titles, logos, and the text etc. Probably the only comic font most people know well is the Comic Sans MS that is available in Windows computer. But there are more to be explored except Comic Sans MS.

Comic fonts look fun, but not only that, they are funny but not that fancy, they are eligible yet creative, they invoke unlimited energy, vigorous imagination etc besides humor, so comic fonts by no means should be confined to comic books. So why limit comic fonts only to Comic Sans MS and comic books and why not try them for your greeting cards, headlines, posters, invitations and website logos? Classic Comic designed by Patrick Griffin is a typical font family of comic style. Classic Comic supports all popular formats and letters in most Central, Eastern and Western European languages as well as Baltic, Maltese, Turkish etc.

Classic Comic by Patrick Griffin

There are many websites where you can download Free Comic Fonts but if you are looking for Comic Fonts that are of high quality, have a look at Comic Fonts on If you don’t want the hassle of downloading and installing fonts but just need simple designs in Comic Fonts. Check the tool below.

Generate Designs with Comic Fonts

Below is a collection of Comic Fonts. You can use the following tool to generate text designs based on your selection of colors, sizes using Comic Fonts in seconds. To download the image you generated, click on the arrow button to the right.