Tattoo Fonts

About Tattoo Fonts

Tattoo fonts are good for your text tattoos. Nowadays, text tattoos becomes more and more trendy these days since more and more people choose words, names, short quotes and meaningful sayings to express themselves through their tattoos.

If you have already decided what to tattoo on your body, the next important thing to consider is what kind of lettering you would like to apply on your tattoo. Nobody would like that their tattoo looks boring and unattractive. So you should do some research and choose your tattoo font or a tattoo lettering style that will give more color and personality to your tattoo.The most popular tattoo fonts are script fonts. Script fonts usually look personal and unique, something like calligraphy and handwriting. Old English fonts are also used a lot in tattoo designs, since they have a distinguished look and evoke some medieval meanings. Other popular fonts used in tattoos include: Celtic fonts, graffiti fonts, blade fonts etc.

Tattoo Girl by Otto Maurer

No matter what fonts you want, luckily, there are always a lot of resources for you to download free fonts for your tattoo designs. Sometimes you may have a look at those commercial fonts even if you are not going to buy it. One tattoo themed font we like is Tattoo Girl designed by Otto Maurer as shown in the image above.

If you do not like any font, you can always ask the experienced tattoo artist to do freestyle for you, which is a personal design by tattoo artists. But it is always good to first check out what your tattoos will look like in so many amazing lettering styles through our handpicked tattoo fonts. If you are not satisfied with our tattoo fonts below, feel free to check out our other fonts. We suggest your generate at least 3 different designs for your tattoos, then take them to your tattoo artists and discuss with them which one would fit best. Also, you may consider these tattoo symbols as your tattoo designs.

Generate Designs with Tattoo Fonts

Below is a collection of Tattoo Fonts. The following tool will turn your desired text into images using Tattoo Fonts. Simply enter your text then select your desired color and size and hit "generate" button. You can download your image by clicking on the arrow button to the right.