How to Train Your Dragon Font

About How to Train Your Dragon Font

How to Train Your Dragon is a 2010 3D computer-animated fantasy film by DreamWorks Animation. It follows a young Viking teenager named Hiccup aspires to follow his tribe’s tradition of becoming a dragon slayer.

The font used for the film title in the poster seems to be Compacta, a grotesque sans with very narrow letterforms. In the sequel, namely, How to Train Your Dragon 2, the font used for “DRAGON” is still Compacta, but the “how to train your” part is replaced with an inscribed serif typeface, which is very similar to Friz Quadrata.

Download Compacta Font

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Compacta Typeface in Use

In addition to How to Train Your Dragon, Compacta typeface is also used in the following logos, movie posters or album covers, etc., including: Spies in Disguise, Harry’s Law, Trench (Twenty One Pilots), Pretty Woman, Parental Advisory Label, Singles Going Steady, The Usual Suspects, Straw Dogs, The Apprentice, The Newton Boys, Hell’s Highway, 3 Backyards, Testing (ASAP Rocky), Disney Bolt, Wild Wild West.

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