Emoticon Font

About Emoticon Font

Emoticons are pictorial representations of facial expressions that are used to communicate emotion or add tone to the plain text. Emoticons are very popular in forums, instant messengers like Skype and MSN, online games, social networking sites etc. Generally, emoticons are formed by utilizing punctuations marks and letters such as : – ) representing a smiley face, : – ( representing a sad face. In addition to that, emoticons can be obtained by typing directly within some applications and websites, which usually come with a set of emoticons in the form of small images.


Here we have made a font consisting of a set of graphical emoticons, which is mainly based on the emoticons in the Unicode Standard. Below is the character chart for your reference. For example, when you type letter A in the font tool below, you will get a graphical emoticon of grinning face.

Agrinning faceakissing face with closed eyes
Bgrinning face with smiling eyesbface with stuck-out tongue
Cface with tears of joycface with stuck-out tongue and winking eye
Dsmiling face with open mouthdface with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyes
Esmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesedisappointed face
Fsmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatfworried face
Gsmiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyesgangry face
Hsmiling face with halohpouting face
Ismiling face with hornsicrying face
Jwinking facejpersevering face
Ksmiling face with smiling eyeskface with look of triumph
Lface savoring delicious foodldisappointed but relieved face
Mrelieved facemfrowning face with open mouth
Nsmiling face with heart-shaped eyesnanguished face
Osmiling face with sunglassesofearful face
Psmirking facepweary face
Qneutral faceqsleepy face
Rexpressionless facertired face
Sunamused facesgrimacing face
Tface with cold sweattloudly crying face
Upensive faceuface with open mouth
Vconfused facevhushed face
Wconfounded facewface with open mouth and cold sweat
Xkissing facexface screaming in fear
Yface throwing a kissyastonished face
Zkissing face with smiling eyeszflushed face

Generate Designs with Emoticon Font

Below is a collection of Emoticon Font. The following tool will turn your desired text into images using Emoticon Font. Simply enter your text then select your desired color and size and hit "generate" button. You can download your image by clicking on the arrow button to the right.