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About Smokin’ Aces Font


Smokin’ Aces is a 2006 British-American action-crime film written and directed by Joe Carnahan. It stars Jeremy Piven as a Las Vegas Strip magician turned mafia informant and Ryan Reynolds as the FBI agent assigned to protect him.

The font used for the film title in the poster is Franklin Gothic ExtraCond. Designed by the famous type designer Morris Fuller Benton in 1903–12 and named for Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Gothic is one of the most popular sans serif fonts ever produced. As one of the widely used sans serif typefaces, Franklin Gothic is a standard choice for use in newspapers and advertising. It is also frequently seen in posters, placards and anyplace with space restrictions.

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Franklin Gothic Typeface in Use

In addition to Smokin’ Aces, Franklin Gothic typeface is also used in the following logos, movie posters or album covers, etc., including: Aardman, Bank of America, Milo Goes to College (Descendents), Bill Cunningham New York, Vampire Academy, Dropbox, The Dark Knight, Nebraska, Kim’s Convenience, Cosmopolitan Logo, Ramones, Reno 911, Good Things, The Dark Knight Rises, What Maisie Knew.

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