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Simplified Chinese are used mainly in mainland China. They are standardized and simplified Chinese in form compared to traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese forms were achieved by decreasing the number of strokes and simplifying the structure of considerable traditional Chinese characters. So it is possible that simplified forms and traditional forms of some characters are identical. Since the traditional Chinese characters have too many strokes and a relative complex structure, Simplified Chinese was promoted to increase literacy in China since 1950s. Though the ratio of illiteracy has dropped greatly in China due to simplification process, there are always voices over the revival of traditional Chinese, which is much better for the preservation of Chinese culture.

To type simplified Chinese characters without installing a Chinese keyboard, you can use a virtual Chinese keyboard, which allows you to type simplified Chinese characters online by either clicking on the letters on the virtual Chinese keyboard or typing directly with your own keyboards. Then you can save your typing and copy text wherever you want.

However, to type Chinese using an online keyboard, you need Internet access and you have to copy and paste your Chinese text every time you finish typing. So it is apparently inefficient if you need to type Chinese on a regular basis. In this case, you will need to install a Chinese keyboard to type quickly and conveniently.Generally speaking, Chinese keyboards used in the mainland China are the same as those in United States. However, since there are thousands of characters in Chinese and there is no one-to-one mapping between keys and characters, so special input methods are required to input Chinese.

The most popular input method is Pinyin method, with which characters are entered by pronunciation. This method is easy to learn and good for people who know well about pronunciation of characters. Most Windows computers come with Microsoft Pinyin IME method, which is a kind of Pinyin methods, but it is rarely used in China due to its low efficiency. The most popular Pinyin input method in China is Sogou Pinyin, which can be downloaded for free here.Another popular input method is root shape method, with which characters are entered according to its structure. This method is good in that people who can not pronounce the characters can still type Chinese characters and it also proves to be faster than Pinyin method. But you will need some time to memorize and practice root shapes on each key. Below is a typical keyboard layout with Wubi method (a popular root shape method) labels on it. Some keyboards have Wubi labels on them for learners.

To get familiar with the Chinese keyboard layout fast, it is suggested that you buy a keyboard or a keyboard sticker of Chinese, which has the Chinese keyboard layout printed on it and can be placed on the surface of your existing keyboard. However, whether you want to type with a keyboard or a keyboard sticker you need to first install the Chinese keyboard.

Create text-based images or logos with Chinese fonts

Below is a collection of Chinese fonts. The following tool will enable you to enter text in Chinese, and then it will convert your text into images using different fonts, colors, sizes based on your selection. You can then save the image by right clicking on it. You may either enter Chinese directly or copy from other sources and paste below.


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