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About Domino Font

Dominoes are  rectangle tiles that make up a domino set, which is a gaming device that are similar to poker playing cards or dice. A standard domino set consists of 28 tiles. The face of each tile is divided by a line into two square ends, which is marked with a number of spots or pips, denoting a tile’s value. The sum of the two values on a tile is referred to as the rank or weight of a tile. There are different tiles for different domino sets.

Domino Tiles

Here we have made a font out of the popular Double-6 set, which has 28 tiles, starting from 0-0 to 6-6. By using the tool below you will be able to generate domino tiles. The following  is the character chart for the font. For example, when you type letter “A”, you will get domino face with the value of 0-0.

A 0-0 N 1-6 a 3-5 n 5-4
B 0-1 O 2-0 b 3-6 o 5-5
C 0-2 P 2-1 c 4-0 p 5-6
D 0-3 Q 2-2 d 4-1 q 6-0
E 0-4 R 2-3 e 4-2 r 6-1
F 0-5 S 2-4 f 4-3 s 6-2
G 0-6 T 2-5 g 4-4 t 6-3
H 1-0 U 2-6 h 4-5 u 6-4
I 1-1 V 3-0 i 4-6 v 6-5
J 1-2 W 3-1 j 5-0 w 6-6
K 1-3 X 3-2 k 5-1 x Back
L 1-4 Y 3-3 l 5-2 y Back
M 1-5 Z 3-4 m 5-3 z Back


Create Text Graphics with Domino Font

The following tool will convert your text into graphics using domino font. Simply enter your text, select a color and text effect, and hit GENERATE button. You can then save the image, or use the EMBED button to get image links.


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