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Musical symbols are written symbols that are used in music notation. The earliest form of musical notation can data back to 2000 B.C in Nippur, Iraq. Since then, many musical notation systems have been developed and used in different periods and countries. Now the most prevalent one throughout the world is the modern music notation system, which originated in European classical music. The modern music notation uses a five-line staff along with other symbols such as notes, rests, accidentals, key signatures, clefs etc to describe a composition.

Musical Symbols

Here we have made a font that consists of most commonly used symbols in modern music notation. Below is a character chart for your reference. For example, when you type letter A in the font tool below, you will get the musical symbol for G clef. You can read more about musical symbols here.

A G clef a Flat
B G clef ottava alta b Natural
C G clef ottava bassa c Sharp
D C clef d Double sharp
E F clef e Double flat
F F clef ottava alta f Flat up
G F clef ottava bassa g Flat down
H Drum clef-1 h Natural up
I Drum clef-2 i Natural down
J Breve j Sharp up
K Whole note k Sharp down
L Half note l Quarter tone sharp
M Quarter note m Quarter tone flat
N Eighth note n Common time
O Sixteenth note o Cut time
P Thirty-second note p Piano
Q Sixty-fourth note q Mezzo
R 128th note r Forte
S Multi rest s Crescendo
T Whole rest t Decrescendo
U Half rest u Grace note slash
V Quarter rest v Grace note no slash
W Eighth rest w TR
X Sixteenth rest x Turn
Y Thirty-second rest y Inverted Turn
Z sixty-fourth rest z Turn slash
@ 128th rest 0 Turn up
1 Left repeat & One line staff
2 Right repeat + Two line staff
3 Repeat dots , Three line staff
4 Dal segno Four line staff
5 Da capo . Five line staff
6 Segno / Six line staff
7 Coda > Six string fretboard
8 Single barline ? Four string fretboard
9 Double barline
: Final barline
; Reverse final barline
< Dashed barline
= Short barline

Create Text Graphics with Musical Font

The following tool will convert your text into graphics using musical font. Simply enter your text, select a color and text effect, and hit GENERATE button. You can then save the image, or use the EMBED button to get image links.


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